Fiberglass Pools are a great investment in your home property that increases the value of your home, while offering an Oasis every day. At the very bottom of this email is the actual starting price for our pools depending on size of your property, location, and options it will change.  

Before we get into Detail with pricing (end of e-mail), this is what we are looking for to send you a quote and schedule an onsite consultation!  

  1. Survey (usually done when you buy a home, county will require a survey for permit and prefer elevation survey) 
  2. Roughly what size deck you want? What is included in our base installation of 3’ around the pool or would you like larger?  
  3. What model pool do you want quoted? https://www.pettitpools.com/fiberglass-pool-design-options/
  4. Make sure you have at least 7.5 feet on the side of your home or talk to your Neighbor about letting us access their property with our heavy equipment. No Powerlines or A/C compressors allowed within 10 feet of the pool! 

About us: Pettit Fiberglass Pools is a production pool installer owned by the Fiberglass Pool factory here In Tampa Bay.  We are not a Dealer like everyone else; we are the manufacturer, so you have one warranty from one company. We also make Fiberglass Pools thicker and stronger than most for long term enjoyment! Learn why our fiberglass pools are stronger and better than other fiberglass pool companies from our factory website at https://www.nomadpools.com/quality-manufacturing-process/

Included in our Pricing: Includes 3’ +/- Pavers around the pool, bullnose over the fiberglass coping so it looks like a concrete pool, but has the superior fiberglass feel and performance (you’ll see boats at marina 50 years old, we use the same type resin & gelcoat), engineering & construction office permits up to $600, Crane fee up to 90’, dirt removal Pump & Filter, LED Light, and electrical up to 50’ (you must have two spots available on main electrical panel).  We have upgrades like pool heaters and coolers, screen enclosures, salt systems which fiberglass pools excel over all other pool types at, larger deck size, pavers, waterline tile etc. that would increase the below price. We have a lifetime warranty on shell from factory defects, minimum 1-year Hayward manufacturer Pump & Filter warranty, and 1 year on gelcoat finish (upgrades to a forever warranty if you have hired us to maintain your pool weekly).  

Financing is available by visiting our partner Viking Capital here https://poolloan.net/pool-builder/pettit-pools/ or Lyons Financial https://www.lyonfinancial.net/apply/ (cheaper referral fee, but not as many programs). 

When looking at your survey and what size pool will fit, there is usually a 5 or 7.5-foot setback on the sides of your property line (Pasco does not allow equipment on sides of house with less than 7.5’ so must be behind home if only 5’ on side of house to property line) then 5–15-foot setback from the rear property line (Depends on your city / county / HOA, but most surveys will show the setback). The pool’s water edge must be 5’ from your home so the depth of the pool does not impact your house footer. 

Pro Tip: Long Term Pools take time! Companies quoting fast 30-day installations will not guarantee that schedule (ask them to guarantee that schedule, they will suddenly change topic), will deny saying it, don’t plan on being around to support their warranty, or have a hundred caveats in fine print. Concrete Pools need 28 days to cure before waterproofing is added (remember concrete itself is not waterproof, only the less than 1” thick coating is, why concrete pools are a terrible value). Fiberglass pools need two weeks to settle before concrete apron is poured, etc.  

Timeframe & Deposits: We have one of the industry’s lowest Deposits at $3,000.00 which is spent by time we file for permit for engineering and review. We are also usually $5,000-$25,000 less than the competition due to us being a Production Pool installer and factory direct price. This also helps add equity to your home, as it costs less to build a pool with us. Our pools are currently taking around 2 months (those with digital surveys, the county will approve faster) before we start construction, with most of that time waiting on Electrical Company clearances, On-Site construction review of the sales site plan, and Permit Office Approval.  Fiberglass Pools are majority installed the same week we dig the hole, with all piping and equipment onsite before the installer leaves (unlike concrete pools which leave you an ugly hole and sump pump for much longer). We then let the pool settle for two weeks which is very important, almost as important as waiting for the concrete to cure. It is then about a month of concrete forming, electrical bonding, inspections, and then we pour the concrete deck or footers for pavers.  Basically, after the first week of installation, it takes an average of 8-10 weeks from start of excavation to having the pool beautiful and ready for use depending on your county inspection process and electrical & concrete labor availability.   

 Why Fiberglass over Concrete? First, Concrete Pools are the largest environmental disaster not spoken about in our opinion. There are thousands of old concrete pools cracked and possibly leaking chlorine water into the ground table. Look at any sidewalk in Tampa Bay, most of them are cracked and they are half the thickness of most concrete pools, but only supporting the weight of us walking on it. Concrete on Sand just doesn’t last. Fiberglass Pools use fewer chemicals than concrete pools as fiberglass does not react to water like concrete does as concrete is not PH neutral. Fiberglass is the best pool for salt systems as SALT will cause concrete Spalling as the salt interacts with concrete (why sidewalks up north that get salted for winter have potholes).  

Pro Tip Most Concrete Cracks: Did you know concrete in the concrete pool is not waterproof? It is the coating over the concrete that is waterproof, and it is this coating that must be refinished every 10-15 years or so to keep it from leaking.  Most Concrete Pool companies’ “Lifetime” warranty is for the concrete shell NOT the waterproof coating over the concrete or it’s with a separate company. While our lifetime manufacture defect warranty is on the waterproof fiberglass itself. Also, if you select us to maintain your pool, you’ll receive a gelcoat warranty for as long as we maintain the pool.  

Pricing subject to change. Additional Options available like Screen Enclosures, heaters, and upgrade Concrete & Acrylic to Pavers. Additional fees for different municipalities.





2024 Price




$  33,595.00




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 $    9,500.00

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