Strong Warranty Protection

If you have a warranty request, please take a picture of the item and e-mail to We will respond within 2 business days. Please note that Gelcoat repairs are only done in the summer as we do gelcoat repairs under water when water is at 80 degrees and warmer for at least 5 days.  Remember, Gelcoat is not waterproof and is porous (why you must not use liquid chlorine or muriatic acid), it is the dark red / black fiberglass that is waterproof.  This is unlike concrete pools which is the opposite, the 3/4″ coating on the concrete is waterproof and a main reason why most concrete pools will develop leaks within 10-15 years as the pool settles. 

  1. Your Fiberglass Pool has a lifetime non-transferrable warranty on the fiberglass itself from cracks due to manufacturer defects. 
  2. Gelcoat warranty is for one year unless you have hired us to maintain your pool. Then Gelcoat warranty is extended as long as we service it. 
  3. Equipment warranty is a pass through warranty direct with the Vendor. View Hayward’s warranty for Expert Line products here which details labor and parts warranty. We are a Totally Hayward Dealer! This means 3 year parts warranty on most items. 
  4. Deck Warranty is for one year. Exceptions are hairline cracks and standing water less than 1/4″ after 24 hours. 
  5. PVC Fittings that crack not due to settlement are covered for one year.  
  6. LED Light is warrantied by S.R. Smith
  7. Ladder and Handrail is warrantied by S.R. Smith. Caution, they do not warranty against rust as it is Stain less not Stain free. We have purchased Marine Grade ladders and handrails, if they rust it is usually due to customer forgetting to add “Mineral Out” or a metal sequestering agent every month per directions on the bottle as discussed during pool school due to Florida hard water. 

The Warranty section of your proposal takes precedence over this website please read it for your actual warranty coverage.